Saint Andrew’s Day 2013 Google Doodle decorated with Saltire

Feast days of saints have been part of Google logo change known as Google Doodles many times. On 2013, November 3oth, Google dedicated a doodle for Saint Andrew’s, the patron saint of Scotland.

Google Doodle for Saint Andrew's Day 2013
Google Doodle for Saint Andrew’s Day 2013(November 30, 2013)

In Google Doodle for Saint Andrew’s Day 2013, you can see decoration with Scotland flag or Saltire, commonly seen on the day. Google logo O’s are transformed in to a beautiful lake view with boats decorated with flags and illuminations. Little animation give to flag made doodle lively. All other logo alphabets are included with blue color.

Saltire and St Andrew’s Day have got some relation. St Andrew’s Day is the official flag day of Scotland. In Google Doodle also you can see reflection of it.

Apart from Scotland many other English speaking countries also celebrate St Andrews day with special parades, prayers and other public function. Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine are some countries which have Saint Andrew’s as the patron saint.

Most of celebration on the day include music and dance. There are also many other interesting customs prevailing in these countries for making occasion bright and colorful. All over world there are churches in name of St Andrew. Prayers will take place on the day in these places.

Google Doodle on  homepage on the day announced the festive occasion and wished Happy St Andrew’s Day.