Google Doodle for New Year Eve 2013

To make the 2013 New Year Eve colorful Google came up with animated doodle. In the doodle Google added all party ingredients for celebration.

Google Doodle for New Year Eve 2013
Google Doodle for New Year Eve 2013(December 31, 2013)

In Google Doodle for New Year Eve 2013, we can see disco floor with number ‘2’ ‘0”1’ and ‘3’ with simple movements  and number ‘4’ waiting for the chance to dance. It symbolically tells that 2014 is ready and now enjoy all the moments left in the year. Google logo is featured in the top of the doodle with letter ‘o’ replaced with glittering ball. Attractive colors used in the doodle make it perfect to give the ambiance of disco floor.

Every were New Year celebrations starts from December 31st evening itself.It is to represent this celebrations Google came up with the doodle on the day. It’s common to see this kinds of doodle from Google on every celebration occasions. All over the world people party this night and wait for the starting of New Year with music, dance and enjoyment.

Doodle on the homepage is used by Google to announce the specialty a day. It’s the unique style of the search giant to make day special. Google started this method to announce occasions like birthdays of eminent personalities, national days, and festivals since 1998, when the company started to flourish to new level.