José Sabogal Birthday doodle imaging ‘Woman in Sechura Desert’ by Google

On 19 March 2014, Google dedicated a special doodle to mark Birthday of José Sabogal on Peruvian Homepage. Doodle for this Peruvian artist included one of his famous work ‘Woman in Sechura Desert’.

Google Doodle for José Sabogal
Google Doodle for José Sabogal(March19,2014)

Google have came up with many doodles in past to honor Peruvian artists. This Google Doodle for José Sabogal, changing entire face of Google logo, featuring his work shows importance of José Sabogal in exposing the art culture of Peru to the world. You can see Google logo in the doodle, designed as a part of his work.

Though it’d the 126th birthday of the artist, search giant made a small mistake by giving the caption ‘José Sabogal’s 125th birthday’. It’s on 19 March 1888, José Sabogal was born.

It’s in 1919, José Sabogal did his first exibition at Peru. Sabogal gave a new rise to the Peruvian art painting. He worked in bringing the Peruvian art painting to the mainstream from 1922.Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueirous aretwo prominent persons who joined Sabogal in this effort.

Many young artists  take his work as the model for their works today also. It’s to show respect for the artist, out of 7 district in province of Peru one is named  as José Sabogal district.

Sabogal died in 15 December 1956.