Ukrainian author Ivan Nechuy honored with Google Doodle

Google dedicated a special doodle for Ivan Nechuy Levytsky on 25th November 2013. It’s 175th Birthday of Ivan celebrated with this Google Doodle. Ivan was an author from Ukraie. His pen name was Nechuy.

Google Doodle for Ivan Nechuy
Google Doodle for Ivan Nechuy(ovember 25, 2013)

Google Doodle for Ivan Nechuy portraits image from his famous novel ‘The Kaydasheva Family’. Google doodle is included with lots of people and a tree full of fruits, the logo alphabets are included inside the fence included in the doodle. Over all a lively and colorful doodle was produced by Google Doodlers for Ivan on his birthday.

Ivan was born on 25 November 1838. According to the records, he started his career as an author in 1865. Iva showed interest in studies from his childhood itself. This made him go to join Poltova Theological Seminary to study Geography, history and Russian language.  Education at this institution made him capable of improvig his knowledge ans skills in language.

Iva was very active as a author after 1865. He wrote many theater plays, mythological based works and novels i 1860’s and 70’s. He included a different style in his writings.

Inclusions of grammatical phrases and lexical l dialectal forms from other Russian territories in his works. Theme of doodle,  ‘The Kaydasheva Family’ was also wrote during this period of life.

With this Doodle, Google honored Ivan for his works. He died on 1908, April 15.