107th Birthday of Grace Hopper marked with Animated Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 9 December 2013 marks birthday of programming pioneer Grace Hopper. Hopper was the lady who paved way to  new programming era in computer industry.

Google Doodle for Grace Hopper
Google Doodle for Grace Hopper(December 9, 2013)

Pioneer programming languages FORTRAN and COBOL are made user friendly by Hopper. Grace Hopper believed programming should be done in a language close to English rather than in machine code.

In the Google Doodle for Hopper, you can see Hopper working on a large mainframe computer. In Grace Hopper Google Doodle, image of her is included in the place of alphabet G. You can see the structure of the letter wrote using light and Hopper itself. All other logo alphabets are included using the design of the mainframe machine.

Little animation given to the doodle made it live. You can is message written as if in programming bubbling in a box ” Subtract Current Year from Birth Year Giving Age”. In the other end of the machine we can see Binary numbers getting processed and the result out as 107.

Apart from developing and designing the programming language that is used still, Hopper also served in military several years as a director of US Navy programming language group. Grace Hopper was one of the renowned computer scientist of the time. Hopper worked approximately 10 years for from 1967 to 1977. In 1973 Hopper was given the rank of Captain.

Hopper was honored with numerous awards through out the life time. Entire life of Hopper was dedicated to computer programming and development. Even after the retirement she encouraged it by lecturing.

Hopper died on 1 January 1992 at the age of 85. Grace Hopper was the lady who worked out her talent in right sense. Many organisations and institutions have started in her name to promote education. In her Honor Google dedicated this doodle on 107th birthday.