Google celebrates Fyodor Tutchev’s birthday with Doodle

Google celebrates Fyodor Tutchev’s birthday with Doodle depicting image from one of his famous poem. It’s to celebrate 210th birthday of Fyodor, doodle was published on 5 December 2010.

Google Doodle for Fyodor
Google Doodle for Fyodor(December 5, 2013)

Google Doodle for Fyodor seems to be really attractive. Spring Storm, his famous poem became the theme for the doodle. Google logo is presented in the doodle in a new look. Dark shade is given to alphabets in the doodle. You can see the image of Goddess feeding an eagle in the background of Forest in it in a stormy and rainy day of spring season.

Google users in Russia saw the doodle on the day. Fyodor was born on 5 December 2013. Being born as the member of a Noble family Fyodor got many opportunities to be with famous poets. During early period of his life itself Fyodor started writing poems. His first work was published when he was 15.

Fyodor wrote many poems. He was considered as the romantic poet of the time though he didn’t got recognition that he deserve in the life time. Out of his 400 poems in Russian language most of them had theme including romance and nature.

Fyodor is considered as one of the ¬†legends who gave a new look to the Russian poetry. Many famous composers got attracted to Fyodor’s poem and worked on it. Today also his works are taken as reference and considered as the valuable asset of Russian literature.

Fyodor Tutchev died on 27 July 1873 at the age of 69. Google Doodle introduced this legendary poet to 20th century with Spring Storm.