Google Doodle for Emily Carr 142nd Birthday

Google Doodle for Emily Carr on 142nd Birthday was landed on Canada homepage on 13 December 2013. Emily was a writer and artist with large collection of works.

Google Doodle for Emily Carr
Google Doodle for Emily Carr(December 13, 2013)

Google Doodle for Carr features one of the iconic work that Carr created in her life time. Google logo is spelled in a beautiful way in the landscape image depicted in the doodle. It’s a very creative doodle. Most of Carr’s work relate to nature and land scrapes.

Though Carr started her works as a writer, later on she began to do beautiful paintings including impressionist and post expressionist style.  Her writings were related to what she actually go through. Canadian native people and their life are the major  theme of her works.

The most known artists from Canada known with the name ‘ The group Seven’ have said, Emily is one among them. It’s the similarity in her thoughts in art and the style of paintings made them compare themselves with Emily Carr.

Google Doodle on Carr’s 142nd  birthday resembles her painting that is now in Vancouver Art Gallery, which shows the village of Haida Gawii. Emily drew actually what she see combining with artistic values and views.

Most of her works are having great value today. Infact, one of her most famous work ‘The Stary Sky’ was auctioned of $3.36 million. This work from Carr got birth in 1930’s.  Apart from this there are many other painting which makes Emily one of the icon in Canada. Deep relation with nature are expressed in her works. Cerr used to travel a lot and it’s the images that comes to hear in the journey she depicts in canvas.

As i mentioned before, Emily was an icon in Canada during her lifetime itself. Carr was given many awards and honors during the time and after the death. Canadian post have published two different stamps in her honor. Carr was dies at the age of 73 in 1973.