Google Doodle for Edward Gorey 88th Birthday

Google came up with a special doodle on 88th birthday of Edward Gorey. Doodle was especially dedicated for the great artist. Doodle designer have come up with a very special design in it.

Google Doodle for Edward Gorey 88th BirthdayThe entire Google logo is given a new outlook by including the features that reflects the Edward Gorey’s artistic career. He was not only a good artist but also a very good writer of the century. Edward Gorey’s book can be commonly found in all libraries in a corner which is especially dedicated for cartoons and short stories.

Edward Gorey was born on 22nd February of 1925 at Chicago. In the early time of his life he worked as the art worker and later on changed to an illustrator working for many books. His first published book was ‘the Unstrung Harp’. It was published in 1953. From there he worked out more than 90 books and several illustrations. The way he presented the works make him unique and honored.

In Google Doodle for Edward Gorey 88th Birthday the main specialty that we can see is that every letter in the logo is written in separate block with some special pictures from the Edward Gorey works. A starry look is given to the doodle as the main prominent works of Edward Gorey associates with this kinds of topics. Dracula, one of the stage work done by Edward Gorey in his life time reflected in the doodle design.

Google doodle also included the image of Edward Gorey in the Google alphabet ‘G’ with his writing notes and pen. As we can see in the doodle he was the creator for many outstanding stage shows like Dracula and Amphigorey. He was given many awards and honors for his works including Tony award for the costume design of Dracula.

Edwards works were greatly influenced by many prominent writers like Edward Lear, Tiger Lilies and Lewis carol and also he was also became an inspiration for many other young generation art workers and writers of his time. It was in the year 2000 on April 15th Edward Gorey passed away. The Google logo is entirely transformed to a very different style to make it special and go in hand with the theme of the doodle.

Along with the Edward Gorey birthday doodle in New Zealand home page Google included an image of a poppy flower in memory of Christchurch earthquake of 2011 February 22nd. Christchurch earthquake was one of the largest disaster that ever took place in New Zealand. It is even referred as the dark day by the people over there.

Many people lost their life and many others were severely injured on that day. By placing Poppy flower in the homepage of Google in memory of the disaster took place on 2011 Google showed their heartfelt prayers for the souls of people who lost their life and the condolence for the families who lost their loved ones in the incident.