Carlos Merida’s 122nd Birthday Google Doodle

December 2nd, Google Doodle marked 122nd birthday of Carlos Merida. It’s in Google homepage landed on central America, this doodle was published.

Google Doodle for Carlos Merida
Google Doodle for Carlos Merida(December 2, 2013)

European themes with Latin American style, the natural style of Merida’s in used in the design of this Google Doodle dedicated for him.  Art and life in Merida’s paintings is reflected in Google Doodle too. With this doodle, one more added to the doodle list of search giant dedicated for artists.

Carlos Merida was born in Guatemala in 1891. He was interested in music and painting in early period of his life, but unfortunately he had lost his hearing ability in childhood. This made Merida focus on painting rather than studying music.

Carlo Merida was lucky to meet many great artist of his time and studied their style of painting with great curiosity.  First exhibition Merida initially conducted in his teenage itself. This increased confidence of the young Merida. Moving to Paris after the exibition,  Merida captured an international view on painting.

The easel and mural works by Merida got a new light and theme selection, with his journey to Paris and other countries. There are many works by Merida, which captured world attraction, seen in museums and art galleries all across the world.

He passion towards music and dance along with painting made him start a dance class. It’s in Mexico, Merida spend more time working on paintingd. He did engraving works and also mosaic works living there. Rufino Tamayo, is the artist always compared with Merida in style and artistic works.

Many awards and honors were given to Merida for his works and talent. Merida is regarded as pioneer of Latin American painting. Merida died on December 21 in the year 1984. This Google Doodle for Carlos Merida is a real honor to him.