Google Doodle for Canadian Thanksgiving 2002

Canadian Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on second Monday of October.Thanksgiving Day is a chance for people to show gratitude towards God. It is celebrated to thanks the God for the good harvest and fortunes that worshiped on them by the God.

Google Doodle for Canadian Thanksgiving 2002
Canadian Thanksgiving 2002 (October 14, 2002)

Now consider the special doodle released by Google on the occasion of Canadian Thanksgiving Day. The Google Doodle for Canadian Thanksgiving 2002 contains the seasonal produces of harvest season in Canada like pumpkin, Orange and Corn. It is the main food in the Thanksgiving Day. During the autumn season the leaves will fall from the trees. So as to emphasize the season of celebration there is a leaf of Maple Leaf is given in the doodle. So the entire doodle concentrated on the celebration aspect of the Day.

Canadian Thanksgiving symbols such as pumpkin, pecan nuts and corn ears etc
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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Canada.  Thanksgiving is celebrated as secular holiday. Prayers and thanksgiving ceremonies can be commonly seen in western cultural and in almost all religions. It has some similarity as harvest festival, but it is celebrated on late November.  There are no narrative origins or roots are known for Canada’s Thanksgiving celebration as there is no English presence until 18thcentury in country. The start of Canadian celebration has a past history back to 1578.

In Canada Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October since 1957. Due to the modern busy life people will have work on Monday’s. So in order to keep touch with family or spent time with the members of family people celebrate the whole 3 days as Thanksgiving Day. During these long holidays as a part of celebration people make special food items to eat.

Canadian people may be able to enjoy an autumn vocation during Thanksgiving Day celebration. As Canadian Thanksgiving is comes during autumn season people enjoy the colors of the season and spend the holiday with activities like fishing and hiking. Football fans may enjoy this weekend with watching the Football League or the Thanksgiving Day classic matches.