Google Doodle Marked Belgium Election 2014

Again Google is ready with their election doodle, Now its turn of Belgium. In Belgium, date of election is starting from 25 May.

Google Doodle for Belgium election 2014
Google Doodle for Belgium election 2014(May 25, 2014)

Google Doodle for Belgium election 2014 is also similar to the election doodles that you have seen in all other countries, in their respective dates for staring election, You can see a ballot box in  Belgium flag color and  ballot paper floating to it replacing alphabet ‘g’ of Google logo.

Before the Foot Ball World Cup Storm hit country, Belgians will vote for on this super Sunday. Belgium Election 2014 Google Doodle is a remainder and call for people, to come and chose their vote.

Belgium will elect 150 member for Chamber of Representatives in this election. As in all other countries, Belgium also have a very thrilling election campaigns and procedures. Campaigns lasting for a month, majority of people, up to 90% will come and take part in voting at its end.

This year is Belgium is beginning the election at the day which ends up European Parliament Election, May 25. Google had their doodle for European Parliament Election 2014 too, a similar one with change in doodle color. As usual search giant insist every one to go and vote, be a part in making up your country, with this doodle on election day.