Google Doodle for Architect Eugène Viollet on 200th Birthday

Google Doodle for Architect Eugene Viollet on his 200th birthday can be seen on Google home page of selected countries on 27 January 2014. Viollet is known for his restoration works in 19th century.

Google Doodle for Architect Eugune Viollet(January 27, 2014)
Google Doodle for Architect Eugune Viollet(January 27, 2014)

Google Doodle for viollet featured one of his work as the base theme. Google logo itself is  included in the doodle  as the part of building.It’s the Conical tower at Carcassonne , we can see in the Google doodle. It’s in 1853, the restoration of  building is done. Now, UNESCO has recognized the site as one among the world heritage site.

Viollet have restored many mediavial building.  It was in 1830, Viollet started his restorative works of buildings. The building with Romanesque art and architecture, abbey of Vezelay, was the first restored building by him.. Viollet focused of restoration of buildings rather than having new ones.

The creative innovations that included in the restoration of building made Viollet renowned in the field.  Infact, Internal design for Statue of Liberty was asked to be done by him, unfortunately he was not able to do the project completely. Carcassonne, Roquetillade Castle, Mont Saint Michel church are some other building restored by Viollet. Gothic architecture style  is included in his most of the works. Apart from architectural works ,Viollet also have written many drawings and note regarding architecture.

Viollet was an influential architect of the time. Many architects including famous English architect Benjamin Bechnall, was inspired by his principles and styles. Benjamin translated his series of notes and works to English. After creating and restoring many medieval building keeping the core culture and heritage preserved, Viollet died on 17th September 1879. This Google Doodle is an honor to Viollet on 200th Birthday.