Agnes Martin 102nd Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle

Saturday’s Google Doodle on Canada and United States celebrates Agnes Martin Birthday. Agnes Bernice Martin, the artist from Canada is famous for minimalist style of painting.


Google Doodle for Agnes Martin
Google Doodle for Agnes Martin(March 22, 2014)

In Google Doodle you can see the reflection of Martins works. Focusing on Martins painting of bands of color, letter in Google logo is replaced with bands of respective logo color with low intensity. In Google Doodle for Agnes Martin you could see the unity of color pattern or we can say the balance in color mixing which is the trademark of her piece of works has worked out well.

Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin[ Image]
Born on 1912 March 22nd, it’s 102nd birthday of this abstract expressionist celebrated with this Google Doodle. Agnes Martin was the winner of  National Medal of Arts in 1998.  Agnes moved to USA from Canada in 1932.  Martin was regarded to be prominent artist who developed minimalism in American artworks.

From 1950’s many solo exhibitions were conducted by Martin. Martin was inspiration for many young artists. Martins painting were able to pop out the mixture of feelings and emotions.

As in the Google Doodle for Agnes Martin, clean lines and grids with simple color pattern makes her works live forever in heart of her audience. Marin died on 16th December 2004. Her works are exhibited in many art galleries and museums around the world.