Indian Election Result 2014 Google Doodle

India all set for counting votes, May 16th, day of election result has arrived. General Election held from 7 April to May 12, in nine phases all around India. Google India homepage includes a special Google Doodle to mark this historic day.

Google Doodle Election Result 2014
Google Doodle Election Result 2014(May 16, 2014)

You can see a small change in the Google logo, yes, the alphabet ‘l’ is replaced with left hand of voter , marked with Election ink in index finger. In India, voters will have their cuticle area of nail marked with this permanent ink.

After the election in 543 parliamentary constituencies, 16 Lok Sabha will be declared today. India is the country with largest electoral population, according to estimates its 814.5 million. India spents, US$577 million (35 billion Indian Rupee) for the entire elction process, which makes it second most costly election in the world.

It’s not only India, entire world is eagerly waiting for the election result of India. Many international journals reported about the importance of Indian election in world democracy in their articles. Recently, The WashingtonPost reported

2014 will be biggest year in history of democracy, with more people ever before going to polls , to decide their own fate.

Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi?it’s the most excited result everyone is looking forward in India. For a majority 272 seats are required. This year, there were a increase in number of celebrity candidates in India. After the huge campaign and election tensions, now it’s turn to sit quite and check out the result.

Google Doodle Election Result 2014 announce the message to entire Google users in country. So, let’s wait and watch, What is going to happen in India on May 16, after counting votes?