Google Doodle marks 216th Birthday of Dionysios Solomos

Tuesday’s Google Doodle landed on Greece homepage honors Greek poet Dyonisios Solomos. It’s 216th Birthday of Solomos celebrated with the Google Doodle.

google doodle dionysios solomos
google doodle dionysios solomos(April 8, 2014)

In the doodle, ‘The Cretan”, poem by Solomos became the theme of design. In the place of alphabet ‘o’ in the doodle you can see the image of women upon sea in background of full moon. All other logo alphabets in  Solomos Google Doodle are included with white color in dark background of night.

Dyonisios Solomos was born in 1978 April 8th at Greece. Solomos being born in a wealthy family got good education and started poetic works from early ages itself. Solomos is the national poet of Greece. Modern literature is highlighted in his works, this made Solomos accepted by everyone in Greece. Though Solomos got Italian education, he tried to write poems in his native language in early years and again went back to Italian poems later.

Hyme to Liberty in 1823 , the national anthem is the most accepted work by Solomos. From the beginning itself, Dyonisios Solomos was accepted all over Greek and composition of national anthem of Greece made his fame spread more wider.

Google Doodle for Solomos depicting image from one of  his best work ‘The Cretan’ made millions of Greece Google users remember him on his birth anniversary. Dyonisios Solomos died on 9 February 1857.