Google Doodle Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday

Charles Darwin is the scientist who had made great researches throughout his life time. Darwin was the man who put forward many controversial research results in front of the world. There were mixed reactions for accepting the theories his proposed based on evolution of species.

Google Doodle Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday
Google Doodle Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday (February 2, 2009)

Darwin’s theory of evolution is world famous. Origin of species is the book by Darwin which made him the great contributor to the world history. In the doodle published in the homepage on Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday we can see very colorful images. It include picture of birds, flowers and trees.

For the birthday of man who rejected the studies in medical science due to the love for nature, this Google doodle is perfect one. Darwin was born in a wealthy family on February 12th , 1809. His researched on natural selection, evolution of species, life origin of human and animals for a long period in his life. It was during 1850’d major studies of him were out to the world.

It was in the year 1859, the book Origin of Species was out for selling which included major of his theories and experimental results. Charles Darwin was a well-educated man who had great love for nature and its creatures.  It is this love for his nature made him world renowned scientist ever.

CharlesDarwin[Image Credit :deskofbrain]
It was him who gave the new idea behind the origin of humanity to the world. Though there were many disapproval and acceptance from many places and many came with counter statements for his experiments and theories, but when his book Origin of Species was out many came for his support and book was widely accepted and all the copies were sold within few days.

Most of Darwins researches were related to organisms and its survival in nature. Some of his major theories says that organism should compete for resources for survival in nature and there will be variations in same species of organism in different aspect.  He tells that there are beneficial and non-beneficial variations in organisms. It is the good variation in them make them live for long time and these will be spread to other organism making the evolution of different organism slowly.

Many places were given his name as a tribute to him after his death. In many historical places we can see his statue to make his theories remembered and to show the respect for the person who introduced a new thought to the world. Charles Darwin foundation and Charles Darwin’s university that we can see are honor to him by world.

Google Doodle on Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday is to honor him and made world recognize the importance of his works.