Google Doodle celebrates St Patrick’s Day 2014

Google marks feast day of Irish Patron Saint Patrick with green glass doodle on homepage on various countries . It’s on 17 March, world celebrates St Patrick’s Day every year.

2014 St Patrick's Day Google Doodle
2014 St Patrick’s Day Google Doodle (March 17, 2014)

Google have came up with many doodles for St Patrick’s Day till now. Similar to previous years doodles, Patrick’s day official  color green itself is highlighted in 2014’s Patrick’s day Google Doodle. You can see Google logo in white with letter ‘o’ replaced with heart,crown and hands resembling love, friendship and loyalty.Green glass background in given for Google logo.

17 March is National Holiday in Ireland in respect to the St Patrick who spread Christianity in Irish soil. Apart from Ireland many other nations including UK, US, New Zealand also celebrate Patrick’s day. Shamrock is the symbol associated with St Patrick’s Day.

Life time of Saint Patrick is regarded to be 387 AD to AD 461. Patrick was brought to Ireland as a slave, kidnapped from Britain. There he spend most of his time teaching and preaching.

Beginning from 1776 , St Patrick’s day parade takes place in Ireland every year. Green colored costumes are preferred by majority of people attending the parade. Shamrock, the symbol of St Patrick’s day is also common in hands of people attending parade. Special programs and processions are organized in churches over Ireland on feast day of St Patrick. Belfast city in Northern Ireland had largest parade with thousands of participants this year.The celebrations of the day started on 16 March in the city and it lasts for 2 days after actual feast day in Ireland. Music concerts and festive programs are organized for celebrations all over Ireland.

As in the Google Doodle for St Patrick’s Day, love, loyalty and friendship spread by Saint is remembered in every festive programs. Though the doodle is not Animated as in 2013 St Patrick’s Day, the true message of day is clearly included in 2014 St Patrick’s Day Google Doodle .