Google Doodle celebrates cricketer John Wisden’s 187th Birthday

Google Doodle celebrates cricketer John Wisden’s 187th Birthday on September 5th, 2013. Celebration doodle for Wisden’s birthday pictured him in it.

Google Doodle celebrates cricketer John Wisden’s 187th Birthday
Google Doodle cricketer John Wisden’s 187th Birthday ( Sep 5, 2013)

Google doodle is designed in a dark yellow background. On Google logo for John Wisden’s 187th Birthday, alphabet ‘l’ is replaced with image of Wisden and cricket pitch. All other logo alphabet colors are also transformed in to red color. Border in four sides gives perfect finishing to doodle.

Google Doodle celebrates cricketer John Wisden’s 187th Birthday and number 187 has got significance in Wisden’s career. Wisden have played 187 first class cricket matches in his cricket career. So, honoring him on 187th birth anniversary is relevant.

Extra ordinary bowling skills managed with a height of 5.6, comparably less for a sports man made him known by name ‘ The little wonder’. Wisden’s cricketers Almanack, the annual cricket reference book or cricket magazine published every year since 1864, known also a ‘Bible of cricket’ was founded by him.

John Wisden’s Cricket Career

John Wisden
John Wisden

Born on September 5th, 1826 Wisden entered in to first class cricket at the age of 19. Sussex, Kent and Middlesex are the three English county cricket teams for which Wisden played most of his matches. He was a right arm slow bowler. In necessary situations he also took the role of wicket keeper.

John has got 1109 wickets in his name totally. It was during a match , North at Lord’s, in the year 1850 Wisden played his evergreen innings. He took 10 wickets in second innings making the team win the match.

Wisden’s bowling average is 10.32 and batting average is 14.32 and have added 4140 first class runs in his name. He retired from cricket at age of 37 in the year 1863.

During the time of cricket career and also after retirement Wisden have involved in many business related to sports and cricket. It was on 1864, he founded Wisden’s cricketers Almanack. Wisden died at the age of 57 in 1884 due to cancer.