Google Doodle Celebrates 119th Birthday of Anna Freud

Anna Freud is  youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud who is known as Father of Psychoanalysis. It’s on December 3, 1895 Anna Freud born in Vienna. Today, Google is celebrating 119th Birthday of Anna Freud with doodle on homepage of different countries.

Google Doodle Celebrates 119th Birthday of Anna Freud
Google Doodle Celebrates 119th Birthday of Anna Freud(December 3, 2014)

Following her father’s path, Anna Freud contributed to psychoanalysis. Anna is one among the founder of psychoanalytic child psychology. She was also a good writer. From very young age itself, Anna joined work of her father and started started studies of child psychoanalysis.

Through out her lifetime, Anna wrote many book, most of her books were easy to understand without much technical terms. The Writings of Anna Freud, eight  volume book includes much of her findings and theories.

Anna Freud had to move London due to Nazi invasion of Austria in 1938. Anna lost her father Sigmund Freud, in 1939 while living in London. During the World War II, Anna did more studies and researches on children who lost their family in war. She started a center for caring the victims of war, The Hampstead War Nursery.

In 1950’s and 1960’s Anna spend time in travelling and teaching. She was a inspirational teacher and a humanitarian. Anna Freud was given many honors and recognition’s during her lifetime.

Anna Freud died on 9 October 1982 at age of 86. Google Doodle for Freud will be present for 24 hours, clicking on doodle you will be taken to search page for Anna Freud.