Google Doodle to celebrate Grandmother’s Day 2014 in Poland

Google Doodle for Grandmother’s day celebration in Poland will be published on Google Poland on 21st January 2014. Many countries dedicate a day for Grandparent’s and in Poland 21st January is celebrated as Grandmother’s Day and 22nd January is Grandfather’s day.

Google Doodle to celebrate Grandmother's Day 2014 in Poland
Google Doodle to celebrate Grandmother’s Day 2014 in Poland(January 21, 2014)

In the Google Doodle to celebrate Grandmother’s Day 2014 in Poland, we can see the image of a grandmother and two kids replacing Google logo character ‘o’ at center. All other alphabets in Google logo is wrote with blue color. To make the doodle more special we can see decoration with bluish flower surrounding the logo. It’s the love and care of grandparents for their grandchildren pictured in the doodle.

Celebration of the day for aged vary from country to country. In United States  first Sunday after the labor day is dedicated for grandparents. They celebrate grandparents day as a holiday with wide range of programs.Likewise each and every country celebrate the day in their own style.

In Poland, grandchildren wish the grandparents in morning giving flowers. The celebration of grandparents day started in Poland in the year 1964. By 1970’s the celebration of the day got wider recognition. Today, through out the country many programs are arranged for the celebration.

Grandparents day became a way to make people aware for the need of giving respect for elders. Two separate days are chosen for celebrating grandmother’s day and grandfather’s day in Poland but in  many countries grandfather’s day and grandmother’s day is combined and celebrated as grandparents day. Forget Me Not, a flower that blooms on spring is declared as the official flower for the day in United States. It’s common to use this flower for decorations and wishing grandparents on the day.

Google doodle for grandmothers day symbolically give us the picture of deep love and care of grandparents for grandchildren in the family.