Google Doodle Canada Day 2014 integrating culture and traditions

Today’s Google Doodle in Canada wishes every Canadian citizen happiness of Canada Day 2014. In between World Cup football doodles, Google included a the Canada Day doodle in homepage which resembles Canadian culture in all aspects.

Google Doodle Canada Day 2014
Google Doodle Canada Day 2014(July 1, 2014)

In Google Doodle for the day, you can see people imaged in block shapes, also, ice hockey, mountains, Canadian Mountie and to mark the fun of World Cup, a soccer ball is also included in doodle for the day. Integrating culture, nature and traditions in mosaic pattern Google Doodle reflects Canada as drawn in single canvas.

Clicking on Canada Day Doodle you will be directed to Google search page with search phrase ‘Canada Day’. Celebration of the day already started in Canada. In official Google Doodle page you can see rough sketch of doodle design with doodlers design experience on the doodle saying

Canada is a country where people from many country live together preserving their own ethnic values, culture and traditions. Various walks of life is included in dress and textile pattern, designed as mosaic or patchwork quilt.

Google have came up with  doodles for Canada Day celebration previous years also.  Maple leaves and Canadian flags were the common theme of doodles for Canada Day.

As usual Canadian Flag is waving on every streets and public places on July 1. On the day every where in Canada, you can see special programs and functions. Fire works, music concerts and special events are conducted in many places around the country. British North American Act, 1867 uniting three colonies, anniversary of this event is observed as National Day also known as Canada Day.

Google Doodle  wishes every one Happy Canada Day 2014.