Google Doodle on Brazilian Election 2014

Election in Brazil 2014 marked with a Google Doodle. October 5th is the date of Brazil Election 2014. You can get latest news and details of Brazilian Presidential election by clicking doodle on Brazil homepage.

Google Doodle on Brazilian Election 2014
Google Doodle on Brazilian Election 2014

Brazilians is ready to vote and elect their President and State Governors. In Google Doodle to announce the message of the day also you can see same enthusiasm and eager. Google logo alphabets are queued up in doodle for their chance to vote near voting machine. Google Doodle will be present for election day 24 hours in Google Brazil homepage.

Google have presented doodles for election in other countries too , previously this year. In most doodle they included a ballet box and national flag for election. If no party get majority of vote, second round election will take place on 26th October. So, we can wait ans see, what Brazil is going to chose this time.

Hurry, mark your vote Brazil.

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