Google Doodle Brazil celebrates 110th birthday of Ary Barroso

Brazilian music composer, pianist and talent show host Ary Barroso on his birthday honored with a doodle on Google Brazil. It’s on 7th November 1903, Barroso born.


Google Doodle Ary Barosso
Google Doodle Ary Barosso(November 7, 2013)

Google Doodle for his birthday is very colorful with a grand piano replacing alphabet ‘e’ and two artist dancing. Barroso is regarded as the most known and successful composer from Brazil in 20th century. Search giant by honoring ‘Giant of Brazilian Song’ on his 110th birthday made every Brazilian Google user remember his contributions in the world of music.

After all being the first samba composer attaining international fame, Barroso showcased talents in many fields. He was a soccer commentator, radio announcer, writer, humorist, reporter and also a politician.

Ary Barroso, the most famous composer of 20th century got world recognition after his work ‘Watercolor of Brasil’ known ‘Aquarela do Brasil’ in 1939. This composition got birth on the day when Barroso was forced to sit in home due to rain.

Initially ‘Aquarela do Brasil’ got very poor response, but after the release of the song in film by Walt Disney named ‘Saludos Amigos’ in 1942, an ultimate success gained to this song. Success of the song led to many criticisms too. New genre of samba known as samba-exaltação resulted in this.

Ary Barroso also have many other great music compostions apart from  ‘Aquarela do Brasil’. Some them includes ‘Na Baixa do Sapateiro’ , ‘Rio de  Janeiro’. Song ‘Rio de  Janeiro’ got large acceptence, infact this song was nominated among 5 finalist for Academy Award for Best Original Song.

As in the Google Doodle, Ary’s career was filled with lot of success and colors. The composition ‘Aquarela do Brasil’ later themed in film Brazil in 1985. He was died on the 1964 February 9th due to liver cirrhosis.