Google Doodle Argentina Independence Day 2012 with Casa de Tucuman

On Argentina Independence Day 2012 Google published a beautiful doodle on homepage landed over there. Google Doodle Argentina Independence Day 2012 was beautiful and reflected the joy of independence in it. It was in 1816 Argentina was declared independent by congress of Tucuman.

Google Doodle Argentina Independence Day 2012
Google Doodle Argentina Independence Day 2012 (July 9, 2012)

Google’s Argentina Independence Day 2012 doodle includes the stamp of Argentina with Casa de Tucuman in it. The entire logo is written with the national flag color in a light shade in the Google doodle. The inclusion of this historic building in the doodle makes it perfect doodle for celebration.

Argentina is a land which is situated at southern South America surrounded by South Atlantic Ocean and Aden Mountains in west and east respectively. It’s one of the largest country in the continent. Argentina also includes many natural parks and beautiful landscapes.

Argentina is a country which has got great importance in the world. We have many people from Argentina who have proved their talent in science, technology, arts, literature and in all other areas.

Argentina Independence Day celebrations are great and it includes variety of programs. People over Argentina celebrate the day of great historic importance in a grant way. Buenos Aires is the place in Argentina were the largest parades take place on Independence Day. Large crowd gather for the celebration of Argentina Independence Day over there.

Many tourist also flow to Argentina on this season. It’s a country with large bio diversity and naturally beautiful places. Iberia Wetland, Mendoza Wine Region, Monte Fitz Roy, Valdes Peninsula, Bariloche and La Boca are the best places to see in Argentina.

Google also celebrated the independence Day of Argentina on 2012 with a beautiful doodle in the home page which reflects the freedom fight for the country.