Google doodle to remember 100th Anniversary of Flight

100th Anniversary of Flight was celebrated by Google on December 16th in the year 2003. It was by publishing this doodle Google welcomed the day. The invention of flight is one of the amazing inventions ever made by human. It was in the year 1903 the first successful flight by Wright Brothers took place.

Google doodle 100th Anniversary of Flight
100th Anniversary of Flight(December 16, 2003)

Google doodle 100th Anniversary of Flight included a picture of aircraft model of Wright Brothers. The placement of aircraft figure in the place of Google o’s made it capable of conveying the message of the day symbolically. Pictures can speak thousand times more than speech this is what designer proved by placing the aircraft figure in the doodle to announce the days specialty.

Though there were many people who attempted to make something that can take man to fly in the air. It was Wright Brothers made it possible. Orville and Wilbur were the two brothers who made this historic invention. Wilbur was the elder brother born on 16th April of 1867 and Orville the younger one born four years after Wilbur in the year 1871 August 19th.  It was a small toy which their father bought and gave to them when they were young gave the idea which lead to this amazing invention.

Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers

In the year 1892 Wright Brothers started a bicycle sale and repair shop. By 1896 it grew up in to a branded bicycle manufacturing company. A bicycle made in their company is kept in National air and space museum in their honor.

It was in 1899 the first practical experiments of the flight took place. It was by flying a biplane kite they first did the experiment. It had five foot wingspan. By 1900 they moved to California for starting with gliding experiments. From that time to 1903 several experiments were worked out by them in the course to make first flight.

They faced lots of challenges during this time to make this experiment a reality which changed the history of human life. On December 13th in the year 1903 Wilbur took a flight on his craft for three seconds but due to some radical problems it was mentioned only to be partially successful. They continued for the curing of mistakes that they made in that flight and on 17th December 1903 that moment came. They took four successful flights on that day covering several meters. First flight covered 17 feet and the last one covered 852 feet respectively.

John T Daniels was he lucky man who captures the images of first flight in his camera. Five people actually witnessed this great moment with their eyes. Three axis controls was the most efficient part of these Brothers invention. It’s what the pilot make possible to control the equilibrium of aircraft while flying it. These brothers didn’t even find time to get married as they were totally dedicated to their invention. The elder brother Wilbur died due to illness in the year  1912 may 30th  and Orville died in the year 1948 January 30th. Their contribution to the world is an unforgettable one .Google respected this on its 100th anniversary by releasing this doodle.