Google contacts get powerful synchronization with cardDAV

Even Apple iOS is an entirely different ecosystem from that of android, Google services are popular there. Now Google released new service to synchronize your Google contact with iDevices. Yes, Google contacts get powerful synchronization with cardDAV.
Google contacts get powerful synchronization with cardDAV

Gmail is currently using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for effective mailing service. Gmail always offers the best mailing experience with secured user friendly service. The advanced spam filter and world class chatting service is attracted by all web users around the world.

The popular time management web application Google calendar using calDAV open protocol. Calendaring extensions to webDAV or calDAV internet open protocol which helps the web users to access scheduling information about various things from a server. Google allows the user to access this service through their Google account.

Now Google added cardDAV protocol to this list to bring out powerful synchronization. CardDAV is an open protocol that allows users to access and share the contact data. So with these open protocols users can synchronies their Google contacts with third parties like iOS.

How to synchronize iDevice with cardDAV

  • Go to settings
  • Choose mails calendars  and contacts
  • Tap on add account
  • Go to others option
  • CardDAV account (simply fill up your account with relevant data in required fields)
  • Click on next button
  • Turn on contact option
  • Synchronization of your contacts will begin after these settings are done.