Google code in 2012 will start on 26th November

Open source organizations are certified authorities that provide different projects and softwares with source code that allows the users to change study and improve it with their own wish. Google code in 2012 will start on 26th November, a new coding program for pre university students.Google Code-In 2012

In each year Google conducts code development contest for students of different sections. In each year there are thousands of students from worldwide are participated in the contests. In this year the contest Google code-in 2012 mainly focused for pre-university students for open source projects. The participants are supposed to do different online tasks are assigned by open source organizations. The tasks are like documentation coding for softwares researches…Etc.

Google code-in 2012 is a great stage for the talents who are searching for developing open source projects. The participants will able to get basic knowledge about open source projects as the contest will gone through all possible sections of this platform. The contest is mainly aim for the students who are aged between 13 and 17 on November 26 2012. That is the students who are currently going through their pre-university or high schools.

The different open source organizations assigned by Google for the contest Google code-in 2012 provides a list of task for the participants. They are allowed to choose the task at their own wish. The organizations provide basic informations about the problem with the claimed task. The participants also get sufficient helps from authorities to do some frame works. The Google code-in 2012 contest will starts from 26th November onwards in selected locations worldwide. The contest will ends on 14th January 2013. To submit your entries for Google code-in 2012 contest follows the steps:

  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Go through the official site of Google code-in 2012.
  • Create your profile by uploading required datas such as high schools or pre-university enrolling proof. Also you have to provide the consent letter from your guardian with signature. After providing these details upload the datas and complete the profile.
  • After the completion of profile you have to claim your task from main site.
  • You can choose for the task at your own wish from the list provided by open source organizations.
  • Within the allocated time after claiming your task you have to upload the work link task.

The contest will take place in selected locations by Google and starts from 26th November at 9.00 AM Pacific Time zone onwards.  The judgment will be done by experts of open source organizations as well as from Google. The Judges are mainly focused for creativity quality of work and thoroughness. The primary judgment will be done by the heads of open source organizations and finally judgment will handover to Google.

The grand winner of Google code-in 2012 contest will get a lucky chance for visit Google Mountain view California. The top listed participants also get chance for further development of open source projects in certified organizations. The participants who had completed the task will get $2 valued certificate from Google.  Google will officially announce the winners list on 4th February 2013.