Google chrome turns to fourth anniversary

Google chrome is the most widely used web browser released by Google Inc in 2008. It is one of the most secure fast web browsers existing today. Today Google chrome turns to fourth anniversary. It is globally popular and available in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.Google chrome turns to fourth anniversary

Google chrome featured with Web Kit layout engine. Every web users chooses the browsers that give out a fast performance. Google chrome is known for its processing speed ,other than this it’s java script processing and application performance are far better than any other browser.

This web browser allows the users to use incognito mode that is you can become anonymous to online. In private mode the browser stops saving of browsing history and cookies. It also allows us to translate the web text to your own language.

The main attractive feature of Google chrome is its chrome web store, an online storage of applications and extensions. It is a storage media of both paid and free applications. Users can add different applications that are written in HTML CSS and JavaScript are available through this online store. The free extensions for chrome browser help to increase the functionalities of the browser. It is also very easy t make updation to Google chrome upon the arrival.

Google chrome offers most secured browsing experience to us. It gives out live in notification when we are on a harm full site. When we browsed through different tabs in chrome any malicious affect on one tab will not affect the next one. It is also became unique specification of Google Chrome browser. It also allows secured downloading. Chrome store also provide extentions for faster downloads especially from You Tube.

Chrome uses different extensions such as Ad block plus drag and drop sumo paint…etc to improve its functionality. In each year Google chrome becomes more popular and gets more functionality.