Google chrome keep away silent extension installs

Sometimes you may discover a column of extensions within chrome browser which are installed without your knowledge. Now Google chrome keep away silent extension installs with new release.Google chrome keep away silent extension installs

When you wish to add extension we normally get it from chrome web store and installed it. But sometimes the browsers automatically get installed with some kind of extensions. The extensions that are automatically get installed without the knowledge of user is known as external extensions. This type of installation happened within chrome browser in two ways.

  • Using windows registry.
  • By using JSON file.

The windows registry mechanism is widely used to add useful extension as a part of installation of another app. The major steps involving in windows registry methods are:

  • Make sure the file extension to be in .crx format
  • Create the following key in the registry- HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\software\Wow6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions.
  • You have to create a new key with same extension ID under extensions.
  • Create path and version named string values and set the locations to both.

But this method is misused by the third parties to make out automatic installation of extensions without the knowledge of users. So the chrome browser from version 25 use various methods to use only user preferred extensions. The extensions that are installed automatically got banned by default. When third parties installed any of extensions using external extension deployment then the browser will pop up a dialog box. From that dialog box users can decide to enable that extension or remove it. In each time chrome browser will automatically blocked the external extensions and will list those extensions. So users get a privilege to remove it or keep within it.