Google Chrome blocks high profile websites for malware detection

Google Chrome is developed with the perfect components that offers secured and faster browsing, one of the widely used web browsers ever. Today Google Chrome blocks high profile websites for malware detection

Google Chrome blocks high profile websites for malware detectionAs Google’s Safe browsing technology detect any single bit of thread users can trust on the sites they are visiting. You Tube, The San Francisco Chronicle, DeviantArt and The Boston Globe are the most visiting high profile websites in internet. Earlier today Google Chrome notifies malware detection on these sites. The notification suggests the users to not to processed on these sites up to the retrieval.

The notification from Google Chrome says that content from is blame. It is the second time notification of Google Chrome in this week. Google update the malware detection on sites including New York Times and Washington post on Tuesday. Within a week malicious attack spread to more sites. The real time updation from Google Chrome allows the users to keep away from malicious attacks.

Google Chrome made the malware detection through Google’s safe browsing technology. The malware attack causes crashing of system and other illegal access of informations. At the development circle of Chrome browser Google added a list of websites which may contain malicious attacks or phishing. When you surf through the net the chrome browser notifies the risk if those URLs match the website you are in. The browser made this notification via contacting through Google server. Also Google every time update the list of malicious sites.

Time by time the popularity and usage of Chrome browser increases. It is one of the browsers that with WebKit layout engine. It is known for the speed Java Script processing and for security. The incognito mode in Google Chrome allows to makes private browsing so that so that we can keep away browsing history. The sandboxing technology helps to keep away overall spreading of malicious attacks to different tabs. The integration with chrome web storage makes Google chrome more functional.