Google chrome 26.0 with better spell checker gets released

Google chrome is the most popular web browser in the internet world. Google releases the updation within right time with right features. Today Google chrome 26.0 with better spell checker outs for you.

Google chrome 26.0 with better spell checkerThe smarter spell checker within the new Google Chrome updation will helps you to complete web forums and text fields more smartly. The ‘Ask Google for suggestion’ feature allows completing the sentence with no spell mistakes. So that your faster typing don’t make any mistakes within the sentence.

Google chrome 26.0 with better spell checker

To enable this feature in chrome browser you only have to select the text area in which you are typing and right click on it, then select sell checker option to tap on ask Google  for suggestions.

  • First of all click on chrome menu on the top right of browser tool bar.
  • Click on setting option.
  • Then click on show advanced setting.
  • Select languages.
  • Tap on languages and spell checker settings.
  • Enable spell checker option.

You can al chooses for a number of languages for typing texts. The new updated chrome browser also provide spell checker for the selected language. It helps you to written the texts in a number of languages without having any spell mistakes.

Google Chrome 26.0 also allows you to add a new word to dictionary for further uses. You just have to right click on the word and to tap on add to dictionary option. Get the new updated chrome browser as soon as possible.