Google+ celebrates second Birthday today

June 28th is the birthday of Google’s social networking site which currently have 500 million members, Google+. Yes, Google+ celebrates second Birthday today. We can see the logo on the Google plus page redesigned to celebrate it.

Google+ second anniversaryOn the second birthday of Google Plus we can see a doodle, what we use to see in the Google homepage on special days on Google Plus too with a candle lighted with number 2. Google logo is also wrote with a beautiful decorations.

The social networking site from the search giant Google is having great popularity all over the world. Till now we have 500 million users for Google Plus. The new outlook that Google gave for this in the Google IO 2013 was largely accepted by people all around.

The column view, unified chat and better photo and sharing option that we can see in the redesigned Google Plus makes it a perfect space to engage yourself. Google always tries to make changes to make their users tasks simple and easy. Auto adjusting feature for your photos that you upload and share in this site is a perfect example for this. We can say that it’s a service which made Google reach in the heart of common man. Now it have the journey of two years with great success.

Though there are many social networking site, Google’s service will be always unique and stand ahead of all others. We can get connected with all over friends in the circle and update with the news around the world with Google Plus.

We have been using the service of Google Plus since two years. It have already became a place to share your the ideas, photos, videos and whatever you want to share with others. So ultimately we can say that, it’s the best platform to get awesome friend without barriers all around the world. Most important and the best thing on this Google site is the security that ensures your privacy. Today we can enjoy the celebrations of Google Plus birthday and share the happiness with the search giant.