Google celebrates Nobel Prize Centennial Award Ceremony with Doodle

Google celebrates Nobel Prize Centennial Award Ceremony with doodle which took place in the year 2001 with this doodle. It was 100th anniversary of this function. It took place on 9th December at Oslo.

Google celebrates Nobel Prize Centennial Award Ceremony with Doodle
Google celebrates the Nobel Prize Centennial Award Ceremony (December 9, 2001)

Doodle appeared on Google homepage incorporated the Nobel Prize emblem in the second ‘o’ of the logo and also a dove with olive leaf. It was the Nobel Prize for peace awarding function took place on this day at Oslo. Dove with olive leaf in the doodle is the symbol of peace. The inclusion of dove with olive leaf clearly conveyed the message of the day.Google Doodle design is simple, attractive and unique.

Nobel Prize was established by Alfred Nobel in the year 1895. Nobel Prize is considered as the most prestigious award that the world ever seen. Nobel Prize is given mainly for five categories. That is for physics, medicine, chemistry, literature and peace. Alfred Nobel during his life time wrote many wills. It was his last will which he wrote a year before his death became the reason for the introduction of this prestigious award which is accepted worldwide as the best award.

Nobel Medal
Nobel Medal[Image Credit]
Nobel before his death in his will bequeathed his 94% of assets for awarding the Nobel Prize every year. After many complications and issues regarding his will it was approved in 1897. Apart from other four prizes the Nobel Prize for peace distribution function takes place at Oslo, Norway. All other prizes are distributed at  Stockholm, Sweden.

The first Nobel Prize for peace is received by Henry Dunant, the founder of Red Cross and Frederic Passy, an international pacifist. It was in the year 1901 the first function held. Bertha Von Suttner is the first women to win the Nobel Prize for peace. It was in the year 1905 she got the award.

Nobel Prize for peace is awarded to those who tried their best in abolition of standing armies and improve fraternity between countries. It was an award dedicated to improve the peace in the world. Norwegian Nobel Committee is the authorized committee to select the Nobel Prize for peace recipients. It’s a five membered committee appointed by the parliament of Norway.

The recipients of the award get a gold medal which is pictured in the doodle, money and a diploma. Prize money is decided by five membered committee every year. It was the 100th anniversary of this function Google celebrated with the release of the doodle. It was the United Nation and Kofi Annan received the prize in the year 2001. It was for their great contributions for building a peaceful world they got the award.

Alfred Nobel, the man behind the Nobel Prize has done a wonderful job by introducing this award. Google honored him and respected the prestigious award by publishing this doodle on its 100th anniversary.