Google Birthday Doodle on birth anniversary of search giant since 2002

Google BirthDay Doodles was published in since 2002 globally. History of Google, the search giant starts from 1998 . It’s September 27th celebrated as Google’s birthday officially.

Google Birthday Doodle

Google Birthday doodle 2002

Google's 4th birthday doodle 2002
Google’s 4th birthday doodle 2002 (September 27, 2002)

Happy Birthday Google is wished  with  Google’s 4th Bithday doodle 2002 on 27th September on Google homepage. Google Doodle included four candles in it. Though the search giant started publishing doodle since 1998, this was the first birth anniversary doodle. We can also see that logo alphabet ‘l’ is replaced with number ‘4’. 4th birthday Doodle of Google also became a start of celebration of start of Google through logo change.

Google Birthday doodle 2003

Google's birthday image of 2003
Google’s birthday image of 2003 (September 8, 2003)

Google Birthday image of 2003 was also similar to 2002 Google Birthday doodle. It also included a cake with five candles and confetti. In the year the alphabet ‘g’ is replaced with ‘5’ in the logo. You can see within the 5th birthday Doodle of Google they uses simple designs.

Google Birthday doodle 2004

6th birthday doodle of google
6th birthday doodle of Google (September 7, 2004)

In 2004, It was on September 7th, the 6th birthday doodle of Google came in Google home page. Instead of cake and confetti, this time  doodle designers included image of balloon. As in the earlier year age is represented with logo alphabet ‘o’. Google’s 6th birthday Doodle  is a global one, can be found within all Google domains.

Google Birthday doodle 2005

Google's 7th birhday anniversary doodle
Google’s 7th birhday anniversary doodle (September 26, 2005)

Google’s 7th Birthday anniversary  doodle came on 27th September on 2005. That doodle was different from previous year doodles.  We can see 7 cake pieces cut and kept in the doodle. Red cherries in the doodle gave attraction to it. Every cake pieces was aligned straight and Google logo alphabet ‘l’ is replaced with number 7. 7th birthday Doodle of Google also can be sen within all domains of search giant.

Google Birthday doodle 2006

8th birthday doodle for google
8th birthday doodle for google (September 27, 2006)

In the 8th Birthday doodle for Google, we can see a cup cake with candles is included in the place of letter ‘o’. To announce the age of Google, the alphabet second  ‘g’ in the logo is given a small bend and number ‘8’ is written. Within Google’s 8th birthday Doodle search giant compose technology with comic style.

Google Birthday doodle 2007

Google's 9th birthday
Google’s 9th birthday (September 27, 2007)

Google’s 9th Birthday was celebrated with a chocolate doodle, In the doodle the alphabet ‘g’ is replaced with number 9. It’s wrote with colorful candy’s. As in all other birthday Doodle search giant confetti within 9th birthday anniversary of Google.

Google Birthday doodle 2008

10th birthday of google
10th birthday of Google (September 27, 2008)

10th Birthday of Google was celebrated with a grand party doodle. Evey logo alphabets were given a cap in it. A step cake with candles and number 10 wrote in it is kept in the middle. Birthday gifts and ‘!’ mark that we can see in the very first Google logo is also included in the doodle.

Google Birthday doodle 2009

11th birthday doodle of Google
11th birthday doodle of Google (September 27, 2009)

11th birthday doodle of Google was little shy one. It doesn’t included any party ingredients in it. In the doodle we can only see the change in logo character ‘l’. Instead of single ‘l’, to mark the age double ‘l’ is used in the doodle.

Google Birthday doodle 2010

12th bithday doodle for Google
12th bithday doodle for Google (September 27, 2010)

12th Birthday doodle for Google was special. Doodle was reflection of paintings from the painter Wayne Thiebaud. Wayne was known for drawing birthday cakes beautifully lit with candles.  We can see that Doodle includes a simple cake, light with candle and its shadow.

Google Birthday doodle 2011

Google's 13th birthday doodle
Google’s 13th birthday doodle (September 27, 2011)

Google’s 13th birthday doodle was beautiful one. It also was given a little comic touch in it. A party scene is created in the homepage for celebrations. Balloons, cake, decorations and candles makes the doodle colorful and beautiful.

Google Birthday doodle 2012

14th birthday of Google
14th birthday of Google (September 27, 2012)

We could see an animated doodle on Google home for 14th Birthday of Google. A cake is included in the doodle with candles. After a while candles are turned off and cake is cut in to the shape makes the logo characters formed. This was Google’s 14th birthday doodle. Within 14th birthday Doodle of Google they included 14 candles under official logo to indicate the number of years since Company started, also became very color.

Google Birthday Doodle 2013

Google's 15th Birthday doodle
Google’s 15th Birthday doodle (September 27, 2013)

Google’s 15th birthday Doodle published on 27th September 2013, it’s a animated global Doodle. Within 15th anniversary doodle of Google you can see pinata celebration of Mexico as as a game. Google also included a birthday cake within this Doodle. The search giant bring letter ‘G’ for playing this game with tighten the yes with cloth, have to hot pinata star with the stick and to collect as many candies as possible.

Top image credit : flickr