Google ANZAC Day New Zealand Doodle 2003

ANZAC Day is the remembrance day in New Zealand. This day is dedicated to honor those soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country during the time of World War I. It is to commemorate the arrival of Australian and New Zealand army at Gallipoli.

Google ANZAC Day New Zealand Doodle 2003
ANZAC Day New Zealand (April 24, 2003)

Google also honored those veterans on ANZAC Day 2003 by releasing a doodle. Google doodle was unique and different on that day. It included the picture of national flag on the Google letter ‘l’. This shows the significance of the day in the history of the country. In the doodle we can also see a hat on the Google alphabet ‘O’. Google ANZAC Day New Zealand Doodle 2003 is designed reflects the significance and importance of the day.

The full form of ANZAC is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day has got great importance in the history of those countries. ANZAC Day is celebrated in New Zealand; it’s also observed in Australia on the very same day. Many programs are organized by the government on this day to honor those courageous soldiers and their families. Parades, public ceremonies, remembrance functions are common in public places on that day.

It was on 1916 the first ANZAC Day observance was marked. Since then ANZAC Day is observed with great respect and honor every year. Special ceremonies are held in churches and temples on that day. People used to visit Gallipoli to memorize those events which took place in the history. Great national and patriotic love is seen on everyone in the nation on ANZAC Day. Public gatherings and speeches are organized by the government in honor of this day. Respect for the killed soldiers in the Gallipoli battle is reflected in each and every ceremony of this day.

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It is believed that Australian and New Zealand soldiers who took part in the battle possessed many similar characteristics. Courage, mate ship, endurance, humor sense are some qualities that they had shown. ANZAC spirit is used to refer these qualities. On this day people visit the tomb of those soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country and pray for their soul.

Google released this doodle on 24th April on the home landed on New Zealand. Though it is released in New Zealand ANZAC Day is celebrated all around the world. Turkey, Australia is the other countries where the day is observed similarly to New Zealand. Many poets have created many works on the theme of this day. Many sports and cultural competitions are held on this day. Australia had issued many stamps in remembrance of this day.

There were many criticisms and opposition based on the celebration of the day. The first criticism arose after the play of Alan Seymour’s play “The one day of the year” in1960. Paul Keating was the other person who criticized the ANZAC Day observance. He told in his speech that the observance of the day is utter nonsense.

Though there are many criticism and oppositions ,people in New Zealand observe the day with great respect and love  for the nation and for those soldiers who gave their life for the country.