Google ANZAC Day Australia 2003 Doodle

ANZAC Day is observed in Australia and New Zealand on April 25th every year. This is to remember those soldiers who sacrificed their life in the battle at Gallipoli. It was during the time of World War I New Zealand and Australian army reached Gallipoli for the battle.

Google ANZAC Day Australia 2003 Doodle
ANZAC Day Australia(April 25, 2003)

Google also honored those veterans who served their nation regardless of their life by the release of a Google ANZAC Day Australia 2003 Doodle. A similar doodle was released on the 24th April in the home page in New Zealand. ANZAC Day is mainly observed in Australia and New Zealand. Google doodle included the Australian national flag picture to make the nation realize the importance of the day in their history.

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps are abbreviated as ANZAC. ANZAC Day is observed in order to memorize the landing of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli in the year 1915. Government initiates many programs to honor great veterans who sacrificed their life on that battle every year. ANZAC Day is observed with great respect and honors in those countries. Public parades, meetings, speeches and remembrance ceremonies are held all over on this day.

Foundation for ANZAC Day was on April 30th 1915 that is on the same year when the event related to it occurred. In New Zealand a half day holyday was declared when the news of ANZAC’s landing reached every ear. Similarly on October 13th in South America a ‘8 hour day’ was observed which was renamed as ANZAC Day.

It was in the year 1916 the official declaration for this celebration took place. Since then April 25this observed as the ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Prayers and official ceremonies takes place all around the country on this day. In churches and temples special rituals takes place on this day to pray for the soul of those soldiers who shed their life on the Gallipoli battle.

 ANZAC Day Australia
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Apart from Australia and New Zealand countries many other countries also observe this day. Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day is also related to ANZAC Day as they all are observed to honor those great people lived for their nation. The observance of these day customs are almost similar. Dawn parades are common in ANZAC Day observance. Poppies are the symbol of remembrance. On ANZAC Day red poppies are kept on the tombs of soldiers to honor them.

We soldiers are people who live for their nation in all aspect. They have nay unique adorable character. Similarly the soldiers who participated in the Gallipoli battle also had many qualities. It’s said that Australian and New Zealand army corps showed courage, mate ship, endurance and sacrifice in their battle at Gallipoli.

There aroused many criticisms and oppositions regarding the observance of the ANZAC Day. It was Alan Seymour’s play in 1960 “The one day of the year” which paved the wave for first critism. In later years Paul Keating and many others came up with opposition for the observance of ANZAC Day.

People in Australia observe this day with great importance and respect those comrades. They visit Gallipoli on this day to memorize those historic events and to pray for those who lost their life in that battle.