Google Alphine Skiing World Cup 2009 Doodle

Google celebrated the Alphine Skiing World Cup 2009 which this Google doodle. Skiing is a best competition that takes place annually. It was a completion first initiated by friends loving skiing. Now it’s a competition with large participation.

Google Alphine Skiing World Cup 2009 Doodle
Google Alphine Skiing World Cup 2009 Doodle (February 2, 2009)

In the Google Alphine Skiing World Cup 2009 Doodle on February 2nd we can see a picture if skier with his ski replacing the Google alphabet ‘g’ in the logo. To get the clear picture of competition, we can see the snow covered mountains in the doodle. We can see the punch of the competition in the doodle. The snow which is spread over the Google alphabets pictures the competition mood in the doodle.

It was in the 1966 Alphine Skiing World Cup started. Since then every year this competition is held with great importance. Downhill, slalom, Giand Slalom, super G are the four discipline in which the competition is held.

There are 25 countries who presently host this competition. This is taken place after winter Olympics. Crystal Globe is given as the prize since 1967. Today many other inclusions and exclusions have occurred in this competitions entire structure and prize awarded.

Out of all skiers its Franz Klammer, Hermann Maier, Ingemar Stenmark, Mark Girardelli are the most prominent names of Alphine Skiing World Cup competitions. They have broken records in this competitions in various disciplines. The youngest men to win this competition is Pamela Bher. He became to be the owner of this title at the age of 16.

It was from the year 1993 FIS started hosting this world cup competition. Since then the structure of the entire of competition turned to a new level. Now it’s the competition which has got great social and economic importance. People all over the world now come to witness this competition every year. Google with this doodle on Alphine Skiing World Cup shared the spirit of this competition.