Looking for I phone??? Google activated 500 million android devices

September 12 becomes most precious day for the tech giants Google and Apple. As sixth generation iPhone launch on this day Google activated 500 million android devicesGoogle activated 500 million android devices

Still today no other phone made this much of expectation, technical world uniquely looking up for sixth generation I phone. No other manufactures can compete with this hype. But in marketing Google go forward 500 million android devices activation within few years and per day it is increased at the rate of 1.3 million.

The customers mainly looking up for the OS rather than design. Technical graph shows that above 67% chooses Android operating system. Android releases many versions from 2005. The latest one is android 4.1 jelly bean. But the Ginger bread 2.3 version of android stand as the dominant operating system. This version of OS claimed 57% of usage.

Google had sold over 1.3 million android devices per day. Out of these over 80000 are tablets. The major manufactures of Android OS are Samsung HTC and Motorola. These companies will take over major shares in mobile market. Android devices become so special because of user friendly nature also it is one f the mainly reason behind the successful marketing.