Google 5th Birthday Doodle with cake, candles and confetti

Google’s fifth Birthday was celebrated by publishing a beautiful doodle in its homepage. It’s on September 8th in the year 2003 Google celebrated its fifth birthday. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the two talents which gifted Google to the world.

Google 5th Birthday Doodle
Google’s fifth Birthday(September 8, 2003)

Doodle on the homepage of Google on its fifth birthday was very sweet. We can see a beautiful cake with five candles to show the age on the doodle. To make it more sweet and also of add the colorfulness of the day the designer also included birthday hat and confetti in the Google doodle. The placement of the hat on the Google logo alphabet ‘o’ and the replacement of letter ‘g’ with the number ’5’ is also an imaginative creativity. All together the way the Google 5th Birthday Doodle was design is really apt for conveying the message of the day.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the Google as a project when they were at Stanford University. Google was included in the list of private companies in the year 1998.From the year of starting till now Google came up with many inventions and applications which can be used by common man and also by multinational corporations.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Larry Page and Sergey Brin
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The headquarters of Google is at California, Mount view. It’s known by the name ‘Googolplex’. The headquarters itself consist of many building complexes designed with special architecture and works. Everything we see over there is nature friendly. The place also consists of all necessary elements required for the workers.

Google provides many job opportunities for newcomers. New workers who are appointed in the company are given a special title. They are known by the name ‘Noogler’. In the year Google consisted of more than thousand employees and indexed more than 3.1 million webpages a day. It’s the search engine ‘Google’ make it widely accepted. Today Google’s search engine is used worldwide to get the correct and accurate data by students as well as adults and business industries. By the year 2003 itself Google had more than 200 million searches in a single day.

Google now provides a wide range of products including communication tools, searching tools, Operating systems, map related application, statistical tools, mobile application and so on. It provides all the things an ordinary man needs in the world of technology. Some of the Google products are Android, Google chrome, Google+, Google Earth, Picasa, and Gmail. These are only a very few among a large list. Google had introduced a large range of products.

From the starting face till now Google travelled lot of miles. Now in the world there is now one to compete with Google. It’s by the sincere hard work and right aim Google captured great highest. Google provides a great lesson to study for common man that by dedication and hard work you can reach up to what you want.