Golden iPhone 5S with 128GB storage will introduce on September 10th

It is confirmed that Apple will introduce iPhone 5S on September 10th. Now AllThingsD reported that Apple introduce golden iPhone 5S on that day. It will have a 128GB internal memory space.

golden iPhone 5SCurrently the iPhone models available in black and white color options. The upcoming golden iPhone 5S known as elegant model of iPhone. The gold color is easy to anodize on iPhone’s aluminium body. The upcoming iPhone model also looks stunning with gold color option.

Golden iPhone 5S from Apple

The 128GB golden iPhone 5S also turns to be a major news within technical world. That is new iPhone 5S model will available on 64 additional memory space than that of previous release. So the next generation iPhone will have storage space of iPad series.

It is also to be noted that the price of golden iPhone 5S also raised in accordance with addition of internal storage space. The rumors also make the release of iPhone 5S in super hyped stage.

Upon the specs of iPhone 5S the major change we are going to see is the addition of fingerprint sensor. Apple changes the design of concave type home button to convex on as it features fingerprint sensor. The new security system in iPhone 5S makes better user experience.spec iPhone 5S

There will be also a possibility to find a change within the screen size of iPhone 5S. The reports indicated that iPhone 5S will have a 4.2 inch LED backlit display. The display will take over the major part of the screen and it will make an impression of Galaxy SIV like look.

Apple iPhone 5S will runs on iOS7 operating system. The redesigned mobile operating system featured iTunes radio, updated Siri, advanced control center and new photo application. The new design for iOS7 application also becomes a focusing element in iPhone 5S. Upon the camera specification the phone will have 8 megapixel iSight camera with more light capturing capacity. Price of iPhone 5S and other detailed specifications will announce on September 10th.