Golden iPhone 5 shines in the mobile world

The most anticipated iPhone 5 got released on September 12. Now Apple unveils Golden edition iPhone 5  in limited numbers and  Golden iPhone 5 shines in the mobile world.

At the time of great iPhone 5 launching even the experts are getting amazed by its fantastic design as it is the thinnest lightest smart phone ever made of pure glass and aluminum. It has only 7.66mm thickness and weighs 112 grams. Now the ultimate smart phone getting more attention as it turns to golden design by Liverpool designer Stuart Hughes. The ‘golden iPhone 5’ available in limited number 100.

The entire phone is covered by 18 carat gold and the designer used diamonds for logo finishing. 128 gram of 18 carat gold is used for its entire design. The Apple logo is made of most precious flawless diamonds. The logo is looking great between golden coverings.

Stuart Hughes is thinking of made it as most expensive that is why he choose 64 GB version for new design. Last year he made a remarkable entry to Apple world by offers iPad 2 golden edition. It is became the most remarkable product of Apple.

Apple iPhone 5 born from great sense of vision and great sense of future which is a perfect combination of most effective objects. So world’s most precious metal gold is the perfect choice for its covering. The golden iPhone 5 costs up to $35552.12