200th Anniversary of Gogol Google Doodle

On 200th Anniversary of Gogol, the famous novelist and shot story writer of all time Google published Gogol Google Doodle ,in his honor. Google logo was changed in to his name and included the image from one of his most prominent work.

Gogol Google Doodle
200th Anniversary of Gogol Google Doodle (April 1, 2009)

Nikolai Gogol, known as Gogol was an honorable writer of Russia. By taking his works in account UNESCO declared the year 2009 as Gogol Year, that is his 200th birth anniversary year,tt shows how much influential his works were.

In Google doodle to make it Gogol special, it included the image of nose replacing the alphabet ‘e’ in the logo which makes us remember his work ‘The Nose and The Coat’. As there is great resemblance for the name Gogol and Google in the Gogol Google Doodle entire logo is transformed in his name on the day.

Nikolai Gogol
Nikolai Gogol

It was in the year 1831 Gogol first set of works were released and it was a great success. Most of Gogol works were shot stories relating to Ukrainian culture and customs. After few years Gogol worked as professor in Ukrainian University as he got great passion for Ukrainian history.

Gogol was a man who traveled to many places during the life time. During 1840’s he learned arts and started learning and reading Italian literature works. This made him to get in to interest for Opera.

During  life time Gogol worked on many satirical works. But unfortunately he died at the age of 42 in 1852. Last days of his life was not happy. It was on March 4th he passed away. After his death many honors were given to him for the contributions that he gave. Many postal stamps and monuments were built to honor him after his death.Many of Gogols works were featured in to films and now also Gogol is living in the heart of those who love reading and his works.