Gmail featured with advanced search

The widely used Gmail featured with advanced search  so that you can easily filtered out the desired mail. Even though the search option available in Gmail earlier the new improved search allows you to access mail according to date wise mail size subject…etc.Gmail featured with advanced search

As every one’s inbox is crowded with large number of mails no one can access one particular mail easily. Here is the advantage of search tool in Gmail comes. But in a simple search you can only get mails on particular category. That is it can’t make over a deep content based results.The new improved search helps us to find out the any mails that attached to different category easily by using different keywords. Here Gmail focused on to change the search result in to keen narrow mode so that users can gets the right mail they wishes for. New search feature focused on different operators provided by the users in the search field. Those operators can be:

  • Size – It helps to filtered out the mails those are attached to specified attachment size.
  • Subject – It is based upon the subject of mails.
  • Filename- It helps you to access any files with desired name.
  • In with specified location – This operator allows you to access mails that are within different locations.
  • Time based search by using the operators before after older newer…Etc.
  • To – This operator is used to specify the recipient of particular mail.
  • From – It is used to specify the sender.
  • Labels – It is used to specify the mails with different labels.

You can also use different combinations of operators to specify the desired mail. The search results are directly related to the particular operator you have provided for the search. The reason for why Gmail is said to be an ideal mail service is that they regularly updated with new features that makes the service simpler and better. The drop down menu in the search box helps you to choose a wide variety of options for making advanced results. It is also helps you to filtered out different modes of conversations you have made using Gmail. You can also use alternate operator to make more specified results.