Gmail celebrates 9th anniversary with a road map

Gmail is the best ever mailing service existing today. It is one of the services from internet searching giant Google. In this April Gmail celebrates 9th anniversary with a road map. Still it evolving and surely will count many more years in future.

Gmail celebrates 9th anniversaryGoogle is always focused for user satisfaction through its various services. Gmail officially launched in the year 2004. With Gmail Google rewritten the existing concept about email at that time. They developed this service from the wish of a Google user. She complained about the error prone mailing services and wish for new mailing service to Google co-founder Larry Page. It became an inspiration for Gmail development.

Gmail celebrates 9th anniversary

“She kvetched about spending all her time filling messages or trying to find them” Larry Page said about the complaint he got at that time. As Google thinks as their customers as god a large number of engineers constantly works for developing a new mailing service. Finally on April 1st 2004 they introduced to the world the most effective mailing service Gmail.

“Developing Gmail was bit more complicated than we anticipated; we are pleased to able to offer it to the user who asked for it “said Sergey Bring about Gmail after the official launching. Today Gmail became the most trusted and popular mailing service in internet. This month Google celebrates 9th anniversary of its ultimate mailing service.Gmail evolution path

Why Gmail

  • The first ever feature of Gmail is nothing but it’s availability at free of cost. It is the most user friendly mailing service available today. We can customize the themes and look at our own wish.
  • The effective spam filters within Gmail service allows you to get rid of unwanted messages arrives in your inbox. It is not only helps you to keep away from unwanted messages but also from harmful attacks.
  • Google provides a huge storage space for Gmail service. It is up to 10GB per user. Also you can add additional space at reasonable price. It acts as a most secured storage space.
  • As it is from search giant Google the searching facility is not a matter with Gmail. You can filter out any mails in very next instant as you wish. You can search out the messages by using different phrases and by addresses.
  • Gmail is the most secured mailing service existing today. Every mails goes for antivirus scanning before arrives in your inbox. Also the phishing hack technology not at all affected to Gmail.
  • You can chat with all your friends in your Google contacts just from your inbox. Recently Google also provide hangout feature through Gmail. Also all your conversation that you made in Google talk coming to your inbox in no time.
  • The new pop up style composing box within Gmail allows us to read new mails while we are composing another one. It supports multiple mail creation.