100th Giro d’Italia Google Doodle on May 8th

Giro d’Italia cycle race 100th anniversary was celebrated with a doodle in the homepage landed on Italy. From the year 1909 every year people of Italy celebrate this occasion as a great festival. Primarily this racing competition was held to increase the publicity of La Gazzetta dello sport.

Giro d'Italia Google Doodle
Giro d’Italia Google Doodle (May 8, 2009)

In the 100th Giro d’Italia Google Doodle on the home page of Italy on 2009 May 8th a rider riding his bicycle is images in the place of alphabet ‘g’. The entire logo colored is changed and was given a new look.

Many bicycle racing competitions like Tour De France and Vuelta a Espana takes place annually in various countries. Similarly Giro d’Italia is held in Italy. By this kind of racing competition in various countries a new face is given to bicycle race all around.

Since it started in the year 1909 it was given importance in the country. The participation for this race is all getting increased year by year. It’s a 23 day competition. Out of these 23 days, 21 day is for cycling and 2 days is given for rest.

It was Luigi Ganna the winner of the initial Giro d’Italia race which held in 1909. Luigi was given the prize money of 5325 lira. In the later years many transformations took place for this Giro d’Italia racing competition. It was in the year 1912 the first major change for the Giro d’Italia took place.

Since then after many classification and stage transitions this Giro d’Italia completed 100 great years giving birth to different winner. Now this competition is having wide media coverage and large number of participants. Many people will come to Italy in this season especially to witness this race. Giro d’Italia is one of the best racing competition that takes place in Italy.

Google by publishing this Giro d’Italia Google Doodle with the picture of rider in the homepage made Italians remember about 100 great years of Giro on Giro 2009.

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