Girl’s Day 2009 Germany Google Doodle on April 23

On 23rd April a doodle with a picture of cute girl appeared on Google homepage on Germany. This was to wish all Germans a very happy Girl’s Day. Girl’s Day is celebrated in Germany every year with special programs conducted for girls.

Girl’s Day 2009 Germany Google Doodle
Girl’s Day 2009 Germany Google Doodle (April 23, 2009)

Girl’s Day 2009 Germany Google Doodle on the homepage landed on Germany included picture of beautiful girl with a robot in it. Logo colors are given a lighter shade than the original logo colors. It’s in the place of Google logo alphabet ‘l’ and ‘g’ the replacement of girl and robot is include in the Google doodle.

Teenage girls in Germany celebrate the day with special programs. Girls gather together and celebrate the day in many places and celebrate the day with cultural programs. There will be talks on the topics related to girls and the need for the protection of girls in the society.

It was from the year 2001 the celebration of this day started. The annual celebration for the day takes place in the month of April. Since 2001 we can see wide celebration for girls organized in Germany.

Though we say there is need for equality for men and women, in many places the situation is same as in the olden days when girls are treated like servants. Although now there are many changes in most of the places in some rural places around the world older customs are practiced today also.

So celebrating a day dedicated for girls we can spread the awareness of the importance of girl child in a family. We know girls are like beautiful flowers which spread happiness to everyone.

As Germany is a beautiful place we can see many beautiful decorations on this special day. Google Girl’s Day doodle also reflects beauty of the day in it. It’s a perfect doodle to wish girls on their day.

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