Google Doodle to celebrate Ghana Independence day 2014

Thursday’s Google Doodle on Ghana celebrates 57th Independence Day of the country.  Google doodle on Ghana Independence day 2014 design includes national symbols to commemorate day of Independence.

Google Doodle to celebrate Ghana Independence day 2014
Google Doodle to celebrate Ghana Independence day 2014(March 6, 2014)

You can see, national flag colors Red and Green in the place of Google logo alphabets in both ends. Two o’s of logo is replaced with 5 pointed start, the symbol that we can see in national flag w. Ghana got freedom in the year 1957. To symbolically indicate freedom of Ghana, motto of Ghana ‘ Freedom and Justice’ and year of Independence ‘ AD 1957’ is also included in the doodle under the Google logo.

As the part of celebration of Independence Day, Ghana Music Week started on 3rd of March with Ghana Music Day. Arts, culture, education, tourism and sports, every field is represented in one way or other in the festival. MUSIGA, the musician union of Ghana is the organizers of the event started in 2013. The spirit of Ghanaian Music is enjoyed by thousands around the world in the festival.

Every part of the nation is celebrating the day with grant programs and national respect with parades, flag decorations, music, party. Ghanaian president John Dramani Mahama will address the nation on 6th March.

Being the first West African nation to declare freedom, Ghana is very prominent among the African nation in mineral wealth and in cultural heritage. Google have published Independence Day Google Doodle for Ghana in previous years also.