Get your bookmarks easily with book mark tagger chrome extension

Sometimes it seems to be very difficult to manage your whole bookmarks within a browser. But chrome have efficient extension to improve it’s functionality. You can get your bookmarks easily with book mark tagger chrome extension.

get your bookmarks easily with book mark tagger chrome extensionThe interest is over populated because of it is a unique place of for efficient services that you needs the most. So you have to come across different sites in the global network. You bookmarked many of those sites as we have to reuse them or for future purpose. Even an average user has large numbers of bookmarks in his/her browser and can’t easily find out one desired bookmark.

The Google chrome browser helps to find out the bookmark which you are searching for easily with the extension called Bookmark tagger. The addition of this extension to you chrome browser allows you to put tags on each bookmarks so that you can easily find out those bookmarks.

 book mark tagger chrome extensionAll chrome extension are available in chrome web store also the Bookmark tagger. The first thing you have to do is add this extension from chrome web store to your chrome browser. After adding this new functionality you can add tags to all your bookmarks. To add tags

  • Click on new tab in chrome browser
  • Open new webpage in that tab
  • Select bookmark tagger from toolbar
  • Add tag to that specified bookmark

To add tags to all your bookmarks

  • Select bookmark tagger
  • Right click on it and select options
  • Click on import bookmarks
  • Add tags to each bookmarks

The next time you looking for a specified bookmark you have to only mention about the desired tag. The searching can be done through by entering the step- bt tagname in the toolbar. The bookmarks associated with that specified tag is opens for you in no time.