Like Google Doodle? Get Your Birthday Google Doodle

Are you a Google Doodle lover?Yes, then you can get your own Doodle in Google homepage on  Birthday,Happy!!!

Get Your Birthday Google Doodle
Get Your Birthday Google Doodle

You may not be  celebrity or a public figure , but you can get  Birthday doodle from Google. All you want for this is to Just have a Google Account. Yes, sign in to your Google account and enjoy doodle on Google for you on the day.

It’s on 2010, Google came up with concept of Google Doodle for every Google user. Clicking your birthday doodle ,you will be directed to your Google profile. A cupcake, decorations, candy’s and candles makes Google logo on the day.

Google Desktop browsers, Android and iOS users can enjoy doodle on their devices. Though it’s an interesting thing, Google is having another motive behind this, yes, this encourages Google users to complete their profile.

Concept of Google Doodle originated in 1998. Since then search giant had about 2000 logo changes. Festivals, Birthdays, special announcements, memorial days, sports, games  every thing became theme for Google Doodle.

Doodles, sounds common, right? But if it’s Google Doodle, its having great value. By changing logo on special occasion Google announce specialty of day to the world, also Google Doodle can give us many things including knowledge on whats happening around.

How to get your Birthday Google Doodle?

  • Make a Google Account
  • Complete your profile including date of birth
  • Sign in on your Birthday

So, my birthday Google Doodle made my day more special. Hope yours will be colorful with a Google Doodle.