Get right information at right time with Google now

There is no other service like Google in providing informations at right time. Now you can get right information at right time with Google now, a searching cards according to your web habit.
access right informations at right time with google now

Google now service is not featured with artificial intelligence like Google voice rather than it gives out the answers to the questions you asked. Auto completion of search queries is available in Google now. It offers different cards such as traffic flight places meetings…etc according to your search history.

The service provides turn by turn directions to our destination and show up the current traffic condition. You will get public transits such as the bus or train on next time. If you are sport lover you will get all live updation from all zones.  It will show up the short root and right time for your meetings. It makes you informative about the weather condition and perfect place for outing.

You can organize your cards at your own wish. Google now is available in all android 4.1 jelly bean updated devices. It can be accessed by just one swiping. As this service is underlying with our daily life it is becomes more effective.